Monday, March 4, 2013


Wood-Mizer LLC, the world’s leading portable and industrial sawmill manufacturer, has recognized four suppliers for the level of support they provided the company in 2012. Each of these companies was recognized because they were considered peak performers for Wood-Mizer. Awardees were:

Hoosier Rubber and Transmission of Indianapolis, IN, a distributor of power and transmission parts was chosen for their outstanding customer service, local stocking levels, and technical support.  Wood-Mizer has enjoyed more than 20 years of committed partnership with this local company.

Standard Electric Company of Indianapolis, IN, a distributor of electrical components, was chosen for their outstanding customer service and support to our engineering department.  Their VMI (vendor managed inventory) program allows us to keep our inventory low and our costs down.  Their commitment and dedication to Wood-Mizer are very much appreciated.

Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration of Indianapolis, IN, the provider of Yanmar diesel engines, was chosen for their outstanding customer service and sales support, lean inventory initiatives, cost reductions and sponsored education seminars.
 Dayton Freight was chosen for their continued support for over 15 years in delivering Wood-Mizer’s product in a quality manner and on time as committed. As well, the sales and service support received exceeded industry standards.
 To establish the winners, the Wood-Mizer Purchasing team evaluated each of their suppliers on customer service, overall quality, delivery, cost management, and value-added support. The winners were hosted to a luncheon on February 14, 2013, and presented with a recognition plaque. The Wood-Mizer CREST Award stands for: Corporate Recognition Exemplifying Supplier Tenacity.

Mark Law, Procurement Director, said, “Our suppliers are an integral part of Wood-Mizer’s success and growth and it is important to us to formally recognize them. These awards are just a small gesture of our overall appreciation for providing the products that support Wood-Mizer’s desire to maintain leadership in the industry.”

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wood-Mizer Launches Online Local Portable Sawmill Service Directory

Wood-Mizer has launched an online local sawmill business directory that will help connect Wood-Mizer owners with local people in need of a portable sawmill service to cut their logs into lumber at

The easy-to-use directory allows someone to browse sawmill businesses by state, and lists information that someone would need in order to find the sawmill service that will fit their needs. Once a sawmill service is selected, contact information is delivered instantly by email.

For years, Wood-Mizer has helped people find portable sawmill services over the phone. In March of 2012, Wood-Mizer created a page on their website where people could request information for local sawyers. With hundreds of hits a week, and requests pouring in in the aftermath of disasters  such as Hurricane Sandy, the decision was made to launch a searchable online sawmill directory, which would be made up of members of the Wood-Mizer Pro Sawyer Network, pre-qualified sawmill owners that use their sawmills for a living. More information at

Portable sawmill businesses provide many valuable services to their local communities. With a portable sawmill, storm damaged trees can be turned into usable lumber for projects, instead of heading to the landfill or the tree chipper. Many Wood-Mizer owners sell specialty lumber locally, providing species, custom sizes, and prices that cannot be found at the local lumberyard or box store.

For information about getting someone to cut your own logs into useable lumber, read “What you Need to Know when Hiring a Portable Sawmill Service”. To find out how easy it is to start sawing your own lumber with an entry-level Wood-Mizer sawmill, visit